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Becoming a Digital Nomad

Written by Joshua Fuglsang on .

Trying to understand the Tokyo subway map


My name is Josh Fuglsang and for the past four years I have been working for an Australian startup, which you can read more about here. I started when the company had just 8 people and saw the company go from strength to strength; at the time that I resigned the company had more than 140 people. Through this experience I learnt a tremendous number of skills that eventually led me to wanting to try to become an indie software dev. In August 2017 I resigned and in October I started my travels.

The Plan

For the next 1-2 years I want to make this thing work; with an ultimate goal to have released software products that generate enough passive income to sustain my lifestyle. I will try to avoid doing freelance work as much as possible, and rather focus on building out my own intellectual property. In addition I want to spend a little more time exploring the world, having spent most of my life so far living in various locations scattered along the east coast of Australia.

Finally I want to read and write some more. Working in the fast-paced startup industry I often found it challenging to find time for contemplative thought. That is the ultimate purpose of this this site. For me to document my experiences and to provide insights to like-minded individuals. Click here to see what I’m reading right now!

So, my plan is like this:

  1. Travel between different cities / towns,
  2. Rent locally for a period of about one month,
  3. Work on my software products while staying there,
  4. Spend about one travelling to the next location,
  5. Rinse and repeat.

So where will I be travelling to?

For the first year I mainly plan to stay around Asia. There are a few reasons for this:

  1. As an Australian I feel compelled to have a good knowledge about my international neighbours,
  2. It is affordable. Without my products up and running I am primarily living in savings. Once my apps start bringing in some money I can afford to go to more expensive destinations.
  3. It has a large digital nomad community. All around Asia you can find co-working hubs filled with career-driven travellers.

In the second year I am considering visiting either the Americas or Europe.

So far these are locations I am thinking about:

  • Nepal (but for travel),
  • Thailand,
  • Vietnam,
  • Indonesia,
  • Morocco,
  • Egypt,
  • Lebanon,
  • Sri Lanka,
  • India,
  • Japan,
  • Taiwan.


Thanks for reading! If you want to stay up to date with my travels, then you can subscribe. If you have any questions then send me an email or write a comment below.

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