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Confusion over the Tokyo Subway Map

Hi, my name is Josh Fuglsang and over the past four years I have been working for an Australian startup called SafetyCulture. Working at SafetyCulture I developed a passion for building digital products and growing them in to businesses.

At the same time I am also fascinated about the world and want to travel as much as possible. I have spoken to many long-term travellers and there are some common themes: travellers who don’t record their experiences wish they had because they start to forget them, travellers who don’t pause and take breaks get tired of their experiences eventually, and finally people who take a few years out of their careers find it very hard to re-enter the workplace due to skill atrophy in an ever changing work environment.

So, this site is a cumulation of these desires: independent entrepreneurship and travel. Ultimately I wish for this site to be a reference point for like-minded individuals; I hope that digital nomads, entrepreneurs, indie devs, and world travellers can find some value in my work here.

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