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Three Continents Overland: An overland Trip from Singapore to Morocco

This article is an introduction to the Three Continents Overland series.
Written by Joshua Fuglsang on .

Final destination of my journey: Morocco

Hello, and welcome to Three Continents Overland travel series! This will be a long-running series, covering an extensive travel journey from Singapore to Morocco, overland. So, what do I mean by overland? I mean I will be travelling exclusively by land and sea transport, i.e. no flights in between.

Why do this? Well, I am a strong advocate for travelling slowly, for by travelling slowly you spend more time immersing yourself in the local culture. Often I see "tourists" and "holiday makers" just jumping from one tourist hotspot to another tourist hotspot, spending weeks in a country without truly knowing what the local culture is all about. What they are left with in the end is a checked list of guidebook activities which everyone else who has visited this country also saw. I'm not interesting in this sort of travel. I want to see the way people live in their day to day lives in a range of different cultures, eat as the locals eat, and visit some places that only the locals know about. Everyone has a special place in their hometown that will never appear in a guidebook, for example. Even by train and bus you are arguably travelling too quickly, so throughout my trip I may try to mix in some hitchhiking.

The rough design for my itinerary is like so:

  1. Singapore,
  2. Malaysia,
  3. Thailand,
  4. Laos,
  5. Vietnam,
  6. China,
  7. Mongolia,
  8. Russia,
  9. East Europe,
  10. South Europe,
  11. Morocco.

This itinerary will change throughout the trip. For example, I am hoping to slot in Taiwan, and I haven't yet fleshed out the exact path that I will be travelling through Europe. The variability is part of the excitement!

Thanks for reading this far, I hope you enjoy my work for I put a lot of effort in to it. Any feedback is always welcome, and please subscribe if you wish to follow along on my journey.



Chapter One

Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

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